3.5 years later, how’s that FB recovery going?

Hello world…it’s been a long time. The FB recovery lasted about two months…then fizzled so slowly and gradually I barely noticed. My account and contacts were restored, as mysteriously as they’d vanished, I regained connection with briefly-lost friends, and…well, there I was, back in the thick of it.

…More or less. More warily this time, aware of the slippery slope. I wiped out all the frantic political groups in my feed (Occupy Democrats, etc.), limited my social-media news to staid and reputable pages (NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, NPR), and limited my sharing scope; no more scroll-click-share. And immediately the well-remembered anxiety level went down. SO much better.

Since then, weaving over and around the social-media thread, the vicissitudes of life: changes at work, changes in spiritual connections, shifts in family. A heart attack in 2023 started a year of slowly, incrementally becoming more conscious and self-nurturing. Attending open mics every now and again, learning to dial down my inner chatter, or maybe just growing bored with it, started to reawaken my writer’s voice (could it still be there?).

Am I going to start blogging again? If I did, what would I say? Would the posts be nice, tidy “teaching stories” again? Right now I don’t know. I’m learning to listen to a deeper inner voice, below the monkey-mind chatter: the voice of awareness, observation, creativity, relatedness. What does she have to say?….we’ll see. But this is definitely a new turn in the road.

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