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They knew I was an animal-lover….It was written all over this blog and its links! And so HomeoAnimal approached me with a request – would I share their Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption (sneak preview)? I browsed through and it is truly an “ultimate” guide, with links to articles covering everything from the benefits and myths of adopting a pet to the difference between rescue and shelter, to the adoption process and supplies for your new family member. Really a worthwhile primer; check it out:

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption: Sneak Preview

Thinking about adopting a furry companion?  That’s great!  Pet rescues and shelters are filled with animals waiting to be adopted and re-homed. Giving a new forever after home to a rescued pet is a big decision.  You want to give him a loving home and the best care possible. Pet adoption is lots of fun, but it does take time to plan and research.

You may ask yourself: How does it work? How do you choose the right pet? Where can I find a rescue or shelter near me? How does the adoption process work? We know you’ve got many questions on pet adoption, and we’ve put the answers together for you!  We have created “The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption”.  This guide is divided into captivating articles that will teach you everything you need to know about pet adoption.  Also, keep a lookout for great tips to simplify your pet adoption process.

In order to write this guide, more than 200 rescue groups and shelters across America were asked to give you their best advice and tips on pet adoption. We take the opportunity to thank all the rescues and shelters that have collaborated with this guide and helped us transmit an important message to all those who wish to adopt an animal. This would not have been possible without your valuable support. Check out what topics and questions these articles will address… (more)

And while I’m thinking of it,  let me put in a good word for veterinary homeopathy. My elder-cat Junior has been under homeopathic treatment for mast cell cancer of the colon and spleen for the past 5 months (outliving the oncologist’s maximum projection by a month, and just starting to show the signs of his illness).

He has been taking homeopathic remedies only, under the care of Dr. Charles Loops, DVM. The oncologist’s projections were grim:  Junior’s case is extremely rare (very few cats get mast cell cancer, and of those who do, it’s mostly organ-related, not in the GI tract – Junior is a 1% of the 1%. But he always has been an extraordinary cat…). The chances of success through conventional treatment were minuscule, at an exorbitant physical cost for Junior and financial cost for me – as I remember it, a pill variety of chemo offered a 30% success rate at at $500/mo; a liquid alternative offered 20%, at $800/mo.  And neither form of treatment stood a very good chance of actually getting into him;  Junior fights both pills and syringes like a wildcat! Then to the chemo, its struggle, and its side effects, he would have to face regular nerve-wracking ultrasounds  and painful blood tests and biopsies to gauge effectiveness and monitor toxicity, at another ferocious financial cost. Surgery was never really an option: because of the location of the tumor, it posed a high risk of gut leakage and fatal peritonitis. No matter which conventional option I chose, it would have been pure hell for Junior and financially disastrous for me.

I couldn’t imagine putting the two of us through this ordeal for so small a likely outcome and so massive a certain cost…and asking Junior his thoughts on the matter through animal communicator Jackie Rettberg, his answer was a firm NO. But I wasn’t giving up on my King Kitty, leader of the pack.

Enter Dr. Loops, and his Cell Salts, Ruta, Ceanothus, and Carcinosin – Junior actually jumps into his special place to receive them willingly! He has minimal symptoms and no side effects…while he is slowing down, his spirit is undiminished, and as I’ve said, we’re entering Month 5, beating the odds.  I’m singing the praises of homeopathy….it’s a gentle and highly effective alternative to heroic and high-impact conventional treatments. And it integrates perfectly with Reiki treatments (which I am also giving to Junior as often as he will accept them).

I’m under no illusions….the end of the road will eventually come for this beloved companion. But for now, his days are (mostly) good…far better than they would have been, had I taken the conventional route. And that makes all the difference.


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