After Findhorn: What Now?

We’ve all had the experience: going to a powerful workshop or retreat, having a “mountaintop” experience, then returning home….and the working-day world engulfs us. How to keep that high-altitude clarity, much less implement it?

So what has been happening in the months since I went to Findhorn?

On the most superficial level, the work I’m already doing has kicked into high gear, with a strong nudge from Spirit to polish up my Reiki attunements to turn longtime casual energy work for animals into an actual practice (set to launch September 1); and approval to participate in the Pachamama Alliance’s GameChanger Intensive. On a private level, I am continuing my permaculture work, integrating the Findhorn experiences of nature-spirit communication.

It’s all arising from the Findhorn experience of the planet and all her beings as alive, aware, and interconnected…the drive to be in service to them all…and the driving need to have a bigger picture, a deeper mission, into which all of these pieces can fit.

And today, a “heat dome” is baking the continental U.S. This morning’s intensive watering of the garden has evaporated like mist, and the poor plants are drooping…with Baltimore’s heat index at 109 degrees F, going outside is like walking into an oven. And we’re slated to have more of the same tomorrow. And this isn’t even the highest temp – Northern California and the TX/OK border are at 105, and New Mexico is registering 115.

I can’t get away from the awareness that this is a preview of coming attractions in a warming world where we have already pushed past the limits set in the (farcical) Paris summit. I look at my efforts to Partner the Water and wonder if next spring this will seem like a sad joke.

Yes, I’m sliding down that slippery slope into eco-despair again, feeling the plants gasping for water in the brutal heat.

There are no easy answers here.

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