Standing Rock: This is Not a Rehearsal

I knew of the DAPL desecration of ancient graves and brutal attacks on unarmed water protectors; the ramped-up arrests by the Morton County sheriff’s officers; the lies being spread through the local media about the resistance to the pipeline. I knew of the paramilitary equipment that was showing up against the front-line water protectors’ actions. But nothing could have prepared me for the shock of seeing the steady parade of law-enforcement vehicles on Rt. 1806 past the camp, or the surveillance helicopters and planes that circled many times each day. It was clear: this camp was at the border of a conflict zone; a psy-ops campaign was underway to wear the people down.

Findhorn: Learning to Listen at the Power Point

IMG_20160421_101315572I could go on and on about the adventures of our group at the Findhorn Foundation‘s Experience Week…our free-time hike to Forres, abetting one young man’s quest to try the quintessentially British diabetic-coma-on-a-plate (a.k.a. deep-fried Mars bar) and then ascending a minor mountain to mug for photos at the base of Nelson’s Tower…wading in the frigid Moray Firth…scrubbing sculleries and washing windows during Love in Action…and serving up a potluck of talent, from Wonderwall to Taize, on our last night…and through it all, through the attunements and trust exercises and service and meditation and clowning, bonding to become a close-knit international family.

A Life to Change Lives: Matthew Fox’s Confessions

I first heard of the radical theologian Matthew Fox when I was in college…at the time, he was the visionary founder of the Institute of Culture and Creation Spirtuality in Chicago, shaking up the Catholic theological world with his teachings of joy, embodied-ness, ecology, activism and contemplation in prayer. I remember feeling intrigued, attracted to a Christian theology that honored creation as sacred…I didn’t know then that Dr. Fox’s work would eventually be the key to a new direction in my life.

“Joyous Repentance” by David Sparenberg

As we sink deeper into darkness approaching winter solstice, poet-playwright, actor, director & author David Sparenberg offers this breathtaking video “inviting all Sufis, Gypsies, poets, alchemists, mystics and lovers to come and have a look. This is an alternative to violence video, to the cult and culture…”

Taking the Risk of Sharing Our Stories

Four years ago, in the midst of studies towards my Master’s degree, I birthed the precursor of this blog on the free WordPress platform. What a journey has taken place between that time and this!

At the beginning, I had no idea of where the journey would take me. I only knew that I was waking up to the reality – not just the single, catechism-shattering experience that I’d had in childhood,  but the everyday, sublime-and-mundane Reality —  that we exist in a conscious cosmos.

And along with that awakening came the calling to, somehow, integrate and share both that experience and that Reality.

A Christ for the Spiritual but Not Religious?

This may come as a shock to those of you who know me – an Earth-based spiritual edgewalker who’s clenched her teeth, swearing silently “I will not bolt, I will not bolt” when she hears a minister edging too close to standard-issue Christian doctrine, and who shies away from enmeshing dogmatic constructs like poison ivy.

If the Cosmos is Conscious – Then What?

As I’m working ferociously on the final report of an Independent Study toward my Master’s, on bridging from a mechanistic to a mystical cosmology, a friend sent me this snippet of a lecture by Rupert Sheldrake on the consciousness of matter.

After viewing it, I invite you to share your thoughts in the Comments –

If Sheldrake’s view is correct, and the cosmos is analogous to a vast, living and conscious being, in which galaxies, planets, ecosytems, and organisms from whales to bacteria – all self-organizing systems – are conscious components (the viewpoint held through shamanic, ancient and medieval times up to the rationalist revolution of Descartes) – what is your role within this system?

A View of Christ Beyond Patriarchy

The following article by Andrew Harvey is reprinted with permission from the Christ Path Seminar site.
And why am I, a confirmed “spiritual but not religious,” Earth-based eclectic interspiritual edgewalker/mystic, (apparently) promoting an (apparently) Christian seminar, even one dedicated to “pressing the restart button on Christianity?” That’s a good question, one that I’ll answer in my next post. For now – read the following repost from the event site, and you’ll see part of the reason why I feel this is an important workshop, and why I plan to attend the 3-year series…

An Authentic Christianity Beyond the Dying Churches (via Christ Path Seminar)
…For two thousand years, Christianity has endlessly crucified Jesus by presenting a one dimensional image of His true being. The great challenge of our time is to resurrect the authentic Christ, not the smarmy, ascetic version to which we have been exposed by dying churches. Until we discover Jesus as the supreme living, revolutionary presence of love, who is as much the son of The Mother as he is of The Father, a sacred being who fuses the deepest knowledge of the transcendent with the passionate involvement of the earthly activist, we will continue to allow the churches to disfigure and rob Him of His true identity.

Our Responsibility, Our Power

I shut down another conversation the other day on Facebook. Didn’t intend to do it…but my comment was one of those that are met with embarrassed averted eyes and even more embarrassed silences.

No, I wasn’t sharing the intimate details of my health,  sex life, or bathroom habits. I wasn’t evangelizing or objecting to the exclusive holiday greeting “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter” or what have you (though I do object to such exclusivity, early and often).

So what taboo did I break in this supposedly taboo-free society? I responded to a friend’s posting of Elaine Boosler’s comment: “When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It’s a whole different way of thinking.”

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