Connecting with Mother Earth

Imagine living in a world where you could communicate not only with other humans, but with every other being…not as a drug-induced trip, but reclaiming the abilities that are your birthright from your millennia-old indigenous roots We know this to be the truth…and yet this real-world daily communication has been dismissed by this “enlightened” culture as pagan superstition.

Imagine living in a world in which plants, animals and humans consciously coexist in a delicate dance of balance that leaves their environment largely intact for millennia. We know that this also is true – it shows up in one account after another of intact indigenous cultures, even today.

Imagine being a consciously participating element of a living, communicating, mutually supportive environment, gaining wisdom from every other element.

Now picture our world, with humans isolated from all other beings by an assumption of superiority and dominion, exploiting or eradicating those other beings while we debate their level of sentience and dismiss what knowledge cannot be gleaned by instrumentation and metrics.

Is it any wonder that this culture is crazed and soul-starved? And what is there to be done about it?

The Earth Spirit Discovery Circle is designed to give you a first step toward a new experience of the natural world. A perfect forum to start off an Earth Day celebration, this circle gives an opportunity to…

  • Share your deepest experiences of connection with the Earth
  • Learn basic steps to experience a conscious, living environment
  • Consciously communicate with a nonhuman being in nature

This workshop is set up as a conversation circle in which every voice is heard and valued. With every workshop your group will receive…

  • A practical, common-sense presentation with simple actions to take today
  • Presentation notes
  • Electronic info-packets loaded with resources (optional, through participants’ sign-up)
  • Related documents and websites for more information

To schedule your eco-educational event today, just call (866) 937-6556 or email me here

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