Creating a Healthy Home

If you’re looking to conserve energy and water, detox your home, and/or reduce the trash you send to the landfill, this workshop can help. Creating a Home that’s Healthy for You – And the Earth may include some or all of the following topics, based on your group’s time frame and interests…

  • Conserving Electricity
  • Conserving Heating/Cooling Energy
  • Conserving Water
  • Detoxing Your Home
  • Reducing/Reusing/Recycling

The workshop may be set up as a lecture and Q/A session, or as an interactive forum. With every workshop your group will receive…

  • A practical, common-sense presentation loaded with startling facts and simple actions to take today
  • Electronic info-packets loaded with resources…(optional, through participants’ sign-up)
  • Presentation notes
  • Useful tools to help listeners discover how much electricity, energy and water they’re using now – and how much they can save
  • Related documents and websites for more information
  • A coupon for a Green Irene Home Makeover

To schedule your eco-educational event today, just call (866) 937-6556 or email me here.

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