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Loving Circle for the Earth

This circle was offered twice in the waning days of 2013, following an intuitive flash during a day of retreat deep in the forest.  The inspiration came as I grieved  the headlines of species extinguished or on the verge…the hemorrhages of radioactive water at Fukushima, of oil in the Gulf, and of bitumen at the Tar Sands; the ongoing razing of the rainforests of the South and boreal forests of the North; the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines coupled with the non-response in the Warsaw summit…and the warnings of the Elders and Medicine people.

The words that keep coming back to me are: “We need to be loving them in their passing.” Not only fighting to save them, but also sending the beings, the oceans, the planet specifically LOVING energy in the recognition that it may be too late.

The vision was of a Reiki/energy sending afternoon in an outdoor setting, specifically focused on sending LOVE via whichever healing modality(ies) participants practiced, to those beings/elements of our earth, known and unknown, that are so direly on the edge…or tipped/tipping already.

Part of this, I realized, might look like grieving, and I expected that some grief-release would be involved for what has already been lost. But the deeper intent was to give the sort of love and cherishing that one gives a hospice patient – aware that all things end, that our species is responsible for too many ends, and loving fiercely those beings that remain. Just that – LOVING. And who knows but that such love might make a difference?

We began and closed with a brief song and simple circle-dance to unite our energies and intention. Participants were invited to bring (if they felt so called) a small natural object (e.g., a stone, a crystal, a pine cone, a seashell, a handful of tobacco or cornmeal, worm tea, etc.) to charge with loving intention and give to the Earth. Afterward, to warm up and decompress, we adjourned to a local coffeeshop for warm drinks and sharing.


Spirituality Conversation Circles

This series is now finished and wrapped up with a summary at the Baltimore IONS Discussion Group meeting on June 13, 2011 at breathe books in Baltimore.

THANK YOU to all who came to the circles and helped to make them a deep, rich and provocative experience!

A 4-part series starting April 30, 6:30 p.m. near Catonsville, MD

This is a 4-part series of conversation circles/potlucks exploring how we experience the Divine (by whatever name or definition) outside a specifically “religious” context – i.e., outside of church, shul, mosque, sesshin, or whatever our formal practice may be. They are roughly based on the Vias Positiva, Negativa, Creativa and Transformativa of the Creation Spirituality tradition.

April 30 — What sorts of experiences lead you to feel oneness and connection with Spirit/the Divine (by whatever name)?

May 14 — When all the supports in your life fall away, what source of strength remains?

May 28 — Is there an activity in your life in which you feel yourself co-creating with the Divine? How do you experience that co-creation?

June 11 — Is there an issue in your life where you feel your inner wisdom/Spirit connection calls you to speak or work for change? How do you experience that call?

The discussion is radically inclusive and open to people of any or no faith. The goal is to find our points of connection as humans with a spiritual birthright that transcends the outward aspects of organized religion


Earth Spirit Discovery Circle

First offered on Earth Day, 2011, this circle is designed to offer a first step toward a conscious connection with the natural world through:

  • Share deepest experiences of connection with the Earth
  • Learning basic steps to experience a conscious, living environment
  • Consciously communicating with a nonhuman being in nature

This workshop is set up as a conversation circle in which every voice is heard and valued.  To ground the experience in everyday life, each participant receives:

  • A practical, common-sense presentation including simple daily practices
  • Presentation notes
  • Electronic info-packets loaded with resources (optional, through participants’ sign-up)
  • Related documents and websites for more information


Meditative Drumming Circle

This workshop, offered for the first time on May 21, 2011 as part of the Ancient Rhythms Drumming Circle, used guided visualizations of the four paths of Creation Spirituality as they have shown up in your life, combined with drumming to release and/or integrate the energy of the participants’ experience.


Intentional Drumming Circle

Third (sometimes fourth) Fridays, temporarily paused due to some duplication with the Ancient Rhythms drumming circle in Timonium, MD

What are your intentions for your life, love, work, the Earth? Come join us as we drum the energy of our intent out to the Universe in this spiritual circle.  We drum in four rounds, with time between to vision our intentions:

  • for healing, for those who could not be with us, or other loved ones
  • for the short term (for example, for a callback about a job interview in the next couple of days).
  • for the long term (for example, healing from separation or divorce to love again)
  • for the issues that break our hearts – whether it’s protection and healing for the mountaintops of Appalachia, food, shelter, healing and clean water for the victims of earthquake, tsunami and radiation in Japan, a safe home for the family evicted down the block, or……………….


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