Great Reads

Times are tough. Amazon sells used books for pennies on the dollar.

So why am I, a confirmed book addict and pusher, not posting the link to my old AStores, which contained literally hundreds of books on deep ecology, spirituality, green business – and instead posting individual recommendations and a link directing you to Baltimore City’s only remaining New Age bookstore (if you live in Baltimore) – and links to Better World Books (if you don’t)?

Simple. Times are tough. And it’s the right thing to do.

Here in Baltimore we were stunned by the 2011 closing of Mystickal Voyage, once a hub of mind/body/spirit resources where Buddhists, Wiccans, esoteric Christians, vegetarians, entrepreneurial women, bodyworkers and energy workers, and enlightened beings of all sorts congenially gathered for coffee, classes and good conversation.

The cause? Take a guess. Times are tough. Fewer people are buying books. Even the big book chains are struggling. And independent stores? They’re hardest hit.

So I’m urging you – if you are in Baltimore, visit breathe books on the Avenue in Hampden. If you aren’t, check out your local indie bookshop. You’ll be earning big karma points.

And if you don’t have a local indie shop, check out my links to Better  World Books – you can get your shipping free and eco-friendly, and your purchase will support world literacy programs.

Oh – and about those Great Reads? The evolving pages are listed in the sidebar, and also linked below…stay tuned for more to come!

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