Personal Recommendations

These books were written by close friends…that’s not the only reason why I’m recommending them, however! Both authors are remarkable women, with profound experience behind their words…

Messages From Mother…Earth Mother

The Planet’s perspective…with love and bad jokes

Picture the spirit of Earth, Gaia, La Tierra coming to speak personally, and a chatty elder woman dressed in the style of the Middle Ages, delivering planet-level insights with immense love, corny limericks and truly awful jokes, is probably not the image that comes to mind. That’s just one of the utterly disarming aspects of this short, sweet book…a book with a powerful impact that lingers long after the last page is turned.

Like medicine in a spoonful of sugar, this Earth Mother’s message of warning, reassurance, and lonely longing is couched in affirmations of love for her “species-babies” and for us, her two-leggeds, who have lost our age-old conscious connection with the web of life of which we are a part. The message is a natural outgrowth of Mare Cromwell’s own deep spiritual connection with the spirit of the Earth, environmental training and professional practice, and long-time walking of a Native American spiritual path.

This is a book to touch your heart, and lighten your footsteps on the Earth.


If I Gave You God’s Phone Number:
Searching for Spirituality in America

Suppose you could call God… What would you say to Him? Her? And what do you think God might say back to you? In 21 interviews with men and women from all faiths and walks of life, spiritual seeker Mare Cromwell receives inspirational and sometimes controversial responses to the provocative question: “If I gave you God’s phone number, what would you do with it?”


Journey To Light:
The Journey of the Soul Through Challenge and Darkness to Divine Radiance

Aileen Sabira Geraghty, Sufi healer, sound healer, poet/singer/actress/dancer, 5-year cancer survivor and generally extraordinary woman, wrote the content and took the photographs for this book during her journey of healing *after* breast cancer. It is a raw, real, and ultimately inspiring tale, perfect for any woman (or man) facing that frightening possibility: there is hope.

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