Loving Circle for the Earth II

Loving Circle for the Earth – Stony Run Park & Wherever You Are

Friends, as we’re approaching Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn toward honoring the gifts of the Earth that sustain us.

And so many of us are so devastatingly aware of the headlines of species extinguished or on the verge…the hemorrhages of radioactive water at Fukushima, of oil in the Gulf, and of bitumen at the Tar Sands; the ongoing razing of the rainforests of the South and boreal forests of the North; the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines coupled with the non-response in the Warsaw summit – I have heard so many others expressing similar feelings of overwhelm.

And we’ve heard the warnings of the Elders and Medicine people.

The words that keep coming back to me are: “We need to be loving them in their passing.” Not only fighting to save them, but also sending the beings, the oceans, the planet specifically LOVING energy in the recognition that it may be too late.

So last month, while I was on a woods-walking retreat, the guidance came: to offer a Reiki/energy sending afternoon this coming weekend in an outdoor setting, specifically focused on sending LOVE via whichever healing modality(ies) we practice, to those beings/elements of our earth, known and unknown, that are so direly on the edge…or tipped/tipping already.

Part of this may look like grieving, and I suspect that some grief-release may be involved for what has already been lost. But the deeper intent is to give the sort of love and cherishing that one gives a hospice patient – aware that all things end, that our species is responsible for too many ends, and loving fiercely those beings that remain.

Just that – LOVING. And who knows but that such love might make a difference?

So I’m inviting you to join me on the afternoon of Sunday Nov 24, at 2:00 p.m. in Stony Run Park just off Wyndhurst Ave in Baltimore – or remotely, by intention, from wherever you are.

We’ll begin and close with a brief song and simple circle-dance to unite our energies and intention…as this is in a residential neighborhood, we will not be drumming this time.

If you feel so called, you might also bring a small natural object (e.g., a stone, a crystal, a pine cone, a seashell, a handful of tobacco or cornmeal, worm tea, etc.) to charge with your loving intention and give to the Earth.

The day is going to be cold, so DRESS WARMLY! If the group is interested, we may go to a local coffee shop afterward to warm up and share our thoughts and insights.

And if you aren’t nearby, and want to take part at that time at a distance, please join us remotely.

Please share this invitation widely! For more information, email me at philahoopes at gmail.com.

With appreciation,

“Someday someone will isolate the frequency of love and build a machine to transmit it. Calling it Smith’s Healing Rays, they will charge to beam it at our injured parts. And we may forget it was ours all the time. But for now, we will call it TREE.

The fabricated TREE will not be as effective as what we can develop within ourselves. For TREE is individual, each person sending that love particular to her/his being and no computer can simulate the variety, tenderness and efficaciousness of the heart. TREE is particular, but it is also collective, not the act of one person, but of several, not exclusively an act of intimacy, but also of community. And TREE is not what we have associated with healing, the sucking into our own healthy bodies of a disease occupying another, but rather the loving saturation of the other body with the healing light originating in the heart.”

– Deena Metzger, TREE: Essays & Pieces

We will be meeting well into the park – follow the trail on the Charles Street side of the bridge and look for the red felt flag tied on a tree.

Here is a map of the area: http://www.mapquest.com/places/stoney-run-park-baltimore-md-265737256

If you have any questions, please email me at philahoopes@gmail.com …thank you!

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