Navigating a Nightmare in a Connected Cosmos

I’m watching the election returns, seeing my friends’ Facebook feeds registering fear, horror, anger as each new bit of news shows 14963156_10154003827395592_8791516528117946790_nup. Fighting the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, madly tracing Reiki symbols in the air and sending energy, then turning back to the spiraling disaster.

What happened???? Yes, the polls were all over the map, and when I went to Standing Rock the Midwest was a sea of Trump signs….but how could anyone seriously vote for this racist rapist….we all know the epithets he’s earned.

I had been sensing – dear God/dess, I should have posted – that the energies we put out would have a large part to play in the results of the election. But it sounded so Law of Attraction-ish – you create your own reality – what self-absorbed egotistical claptrap!

But the nudges kept coming – no, it’s not about the Law of Attraction. It’s about affirming, connecting to the Cosmic Good. Go back to the vision: If everything is conscious and connected – and the pain or the joy felt by one affects all the others, then the anger/frustration/helplessness felt in this election affect all, and feed the power of the one generating those feelings. One candidate put out a powerful field affecting those who admired and hated him equally, and their powerful emotions fed his power. 

The only way to stop it is to tap into the Good. Love, friendship, community, love for the Earth, love for her beings. Immerse in the Good….and then act out of love, not fear or hatred.

Of course. I had heard this at Standing Rock. The young warrior at the security gate who had responded to my fears over a rumor; “You’ll hear stories like that all the time. The police and DAPL are trying to scare us, put us off our balance. Don’t let it disturb you. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? You’d go in spirit to see your relatives. Don’t let them shake your prayers. Stay in prayer, sister.”

I remembered a sweatlodge I’d attended long ago, being assigned to guard the entry to the lodge-space against malevolent entities, and experiencing one nearly breaking through by tapping into my own doubts and fears. It was the same principle: working on humans’ emotions to gain power over us. Fortunately, I realized what was happening just in time, and was able to throw my prayers against the point of the perimeter where I felt the attack was concentrated.

And now that principle is being writ large, on a national scale….and we collectively fear that it may be too late to stop it. Here we sit obsessively, addictively, agonizingly glued to our information feeds – each new story bringing fresh fear, anger, horror – and unable to turn away.

There is a reason for that, the inner answer came. Your energy is being steadily depleted with each new story. You are lending your anger/fear/horror to feed the source of the field. 

If you are reading this – Turn off the TV, the radio, the Internet browser, whatever is your addictive source of self-torture. Just stop. Trust me, it will be there when you want to return.

Now – go hug a tree, put your feet on the earth, do whatever you do to connect to your Higher Power (whether it’s Jesus, Earth Mother, the Universe, Source, Beauty – whatever your term and understanding).

Understand that this planet is a tiny speck in a whirling galaxy that is a tiny speck in a cosmos that is beyond all our understanding. And it is all aware, all conscious and connected, all sacred and precious…every last crumb of soil and bacterium and…mammoth being…both here and out there. That doesn’t devalue anything here – it connects it all, and all of us, to the greater Good that supports us, the power that keeps the cosmos spinning and evolving, awesome and beautiful. And that life-giving force is far, FAR bigger and wiser and more beautiful and loving than the fear and hate and frustration that keep us helpless.

Add your energy to that different field….Hold on to it as the last minutes of this election wind down….or months in the courts, who knows…and all the years of consequences that follow. Connect to others who also connect to that field and stand in its power to protect all that lives on this Earth. Know that each being in that field is inseparable from Divine power.

Now….breathe that in. Feel different? Stronger? The ugliness is ultimately far weaker than the beauty.

But it’s not enough to feel it. Feeling it, it’s up to us all to work like mad, not fighting against the ugliness, but protecting and serving the love and beauty in all the ways it’s manifested here: human and nonhuman beings; land, water and air; relationships and communities and cultures.

When you distill all the insights and lessons Standing Rock gave me, that is the core: You can’t serve and protect Love and Beauty from a place of fear and anger. You can only do so from a place of Love.



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