Black Out Speak Out Canada

On June 4 SoulPaths went dark, in solidarity with organizations across Canada who are protesting chilling provisions in the new Canadian budget bill. The new bill rolls back environmental protections, consolidates the political power of oil interests, and targets organizations fighting for environmental and climate justice.

Why did I take this action? In 2006, I went to visit a friend in Labrador, and spent time camping with her in the virgin boreal forest, learning of the struggle of the indigenous peoples to save their sacred land – nutshimit. I came back awed by what I’d seen of the land and the courage of its people.

See my story of that visit here and the photographs that I took during that trip here:

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This is one of the last remaining great old-growth forests of the world, “third lung of the planet,” literally growing from sand, and at this time when climate change is accelerating with devastating effects, when illnesses in humans, fish, birds and animals are increasing and directly attributable to environmental destruction by human industry, the Canadian government’s only thought is how to roll back environmental laws and protections to destroy this irreplaceable planetary treasure and target the people dedicated to its protection and the lives of future generations — ?

Wherever you are, speak out. Learn more about #blackoutspeakout and sign the petition: