Findhorn Nature Outing: Sitting in the Basket of the Trees

By Tuesday of Experience Week, our little group had gained somewhat of a feel for the grounds of Cluny Hill and Findhorn Park. It was time for our focalizers Craig and Pat to introduce us to the wider bioregion. We pIMG_20160419_095436671iled into the shuttle bus and rode past fields of grazing sheep, through glorious birch, holly and spruce forest, to the Findhorn River. We parked at a trailhead above the spectacular crags of Randolph’s Leap … a spot that clairvoyant/metaphysician R. Ogilvie Crombie (“ROC” for short), a guiding light for the growing community, had identified as particularly powerful and watched over by benevolent nature spirits. Here, Craig and Pat invited us to find a spot, settle in, and meditate, consciously reaching out to the awarenesses of the wood.

Black Out Speak Out Canada

On June 4 SoulPaths went dark, in solidarity with organizations across Canada who are protesting chilling provisions in the new Canadian budget bill. The new bill rolls back environmental protections, consolidates the political power of oil interests, and targets organizations fighting for environmental and climate justice.

Why did I take this action? In 2006, I went to visit a friend in Labrador, and spent time camping with her in the virgin boreal forest, learning of the struggle of the indigenous peoples to save their sacred land – nutshimit. I came back awed by what I’d seen of the land and the courage of its people.

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