A View of Christ Beyond Patriarchy

The following article by Andrew Harvey is reprinted with permission from the Christ Path Seminar site.
And why am I, a confirmed “spiritual but not religious,” Earth-based eclectic interspiritual edgewalker/mystic, (apparently) promoting an (apparently) Christian seminar, even one dedicated to “pressing the restart button on Christianity?” That’s a good question, one that I’ll answer in my next post. For now – read the following repost from the event site, and you’ll see part of the reason why I feel this is an important workshop, and why I plan to attend the 3-year series…

An Authentic Christianity Beyond the Dying Churches (via Christ Path Seminar)
…For two thousand years, Christianity has endlessly crucified Jesus by presenting a one dimensional image of His true being. The great challenge of our time is to resurrect the authentic Christ, not the smarmy, ascetic version to which we have been exposed by dying churches. Until we discover Jesus as the supreme living, revolutionary presence of love, who is as much the son of The Mother as he is of The Father, a sacred being who fuses the deepest knowledge of the transcendent with the passionate involvement of the earthly activist, we will continue to allow the churches to disfigure and rob Him of His true identity.



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